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The 2nd Monday Ladies Lunch Bunch
This is a follow-up to my last post.  Since I was no longer teaching the Friday afternoon class, I was freer to socialize with them, so I proposed that we meet every 2nd Monday.  My original idea was to sometimes have lunch, sometimes just coffee, sometimes meet at my house for a craft or game, but it has become a 2nd Monday lunch date.Yesterday was our first time at a new restaurant.  We had a wonderful time catching up from the holidays and just chatting.  There were 6 of us, including three Christians.  I took opportunities to seed the conversation now and then with the gospel, but I sense that the ones who do not yet believe are fairly hardened despite years of Bible times.  Truly conversion is a work of God and no one else!

Please pray for a work of God’s mighty Spirit in the hearts of the 2nd Monday Ladies Lunch Bunch.  Also, although I meant to meet with the whole class, they still have not told one of the members about it; I sense some tension there that I don’t understand. But I don’t want to interfere by going “over their heads” since they ran with the ball once I proposed the idea.

Finally, if any of you are thinking, “Wait a minute.  Jan 20th was not the 2nd Monday!” let me explain.  Jan 13th was “Coming of Age Day,” when the nation celebrates those who will celebrate their 20th birthday during this calendar year, which means they have reached adulthood.  “Coming of Age Day” is a Japanese holiday, and we switch our meeting whenever a holiday comes along!

Thank you for praying!!
God bless you with His love!!
Linda Karner

Originally sent as an email on 14.01.21


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  1. sari inbuon says:

    Will you please let me know how to contact you

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A Glossary

CCSI: Covenant Christian School International, the MK school started by the Chiba team to educate the missionary kids on that team as well as others as space and resources allow.
E-Track: students at CCSI who study in English (1st-12th grade)
J-Track: students at CCSI who study in Japanese (1st-6th grade)
MK: Missionary Kid
Oyumino at Honda: the first church planted in Oyumino; they didn't want to change their name when they changed their location
Oyumino in Oyumino: "Oyumino Alive" - the second church plant in the original chapel

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Questions I never thought to ask

13.2.1 My Japanese biology student, who spent his elementary school years in the States, asked me the correct way to write a type font "a." That's not something I learned in school; I don't even remember being introduced to type font "a" as opposed to a printed "a" (the circle-stick). I have been frustrated in the past when making flash cards for kid's English classes because so few fonts use the "circle-stick" for "a," and using the type font "a" would be like introducing a new letter of the alphabet . . . (Good ole "Comic Sans" to the rescue!)

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